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SCOTUS in the bag? SCOTUS strips government agencies of regulatory power, tipping their hat to Project 2025. They also leak another abortion case, proving they are incompetent.  Both abortion cases should never been heard in the first place. And SCOTUS punted both, proving they are playing politics with women’s bodies. Their downgrade of ‘obstruction of official preceding’ charges for insurrectionists is yet another tell that they’re staunchly in 45’s corner. And now they’ve granted him partial immunity! Need I say more?

Women go on strike 2 years after the fall of Roe. The Surgeon General makes it official that gun culture is killing us slowly.. Biden’s poor debate performance overshadows the copious unchecked lies the former guy spewed.  Now it’s up to us to step up to save our democracy! Celebrate America this week, because next week let’s get to work!

NYT’s best-selling author Nicola Yoon has a provocative new thriller about race and privilege set in an all-Black gated community. She intriguingly described it as “Get Out” meets “Stepford Wives”.

Jasmyn and King Williams move to the planned Black utopia of Liberty, California where their growing family can thrive.

King settles in at once, But Jasmyn struggles to find her place. King embraces the Liberty ethos, including the luxe wellness center at the top of the hill, which proves to be the heart of the community. Jasmyn had hoped to find liberals and social justice activists striving for racial equality. Instead, she was disappointed to find Liberty residents seem more focused on booking spa treatments and ignoring the world’s troubles.

Jasmyn’s only friends in the community are equally perplexed and frustrated by most residents’ outlook. Then Jasmyn discovers a terrible secret about Liberty and its founders. Frustration turns to dread as their loved ones start embracing the Liberty way of life. Will the truth destroy her world in ways she never could have imagined?

Thus, while teeming with social commentary, One of Our Kind explores how freedom is complicated by the presumptions we make about ourselves and each other.

Nicola Yoon is the bestselling author of several young adult novels. She grew up in Jamaica and Brooklyn, and lives in Los Angeles with her husband, novelist David Yoon, and their daughter.

Lawyer and activist Amal Clooney stands up for what she believes in, and strives for excellence in all aspects of her life. Born in Beirut and raised in England, Amal studied at Oxford University and NYU. As a lawyer, she defends individuals against human rights abuses, advocates for freedom of expression, and challenges injustice on a global scale. Clooney has represented clients before the International Criminal Court and the European Court of Human Rights. Her high-profile clients include WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and a survivor of human trafficking by ISIS, among others.

Clooney’s influence also extends beyond her legal work. Clooney has held several important advisory roles, including a United Nations commission on Syria. Accordingly, she speaks out on important issues, from the refugee crisis to the importance of press freedom.

Amal Clooney serves as a powerful role model for the next generation of women. Her success in a field traditionally dominated by men shows young women that they too can break barriers and excel in their chosen careers.

In 2014, she married actor George Clooney, with whom she has twins. Together, they founded the Clooney Foundation for Justice (CFJ).

CFJ gathers evidence of mass human rights abuses, provides free legal support to victims and works to ensure that perpetrators are held to account. Their programs aim to fight systemic injustice against vulnerable communities: journalists, women and girls, democracy defenders, LGBTQ+ persons and minorities.

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the fight to protect abortion rights has become a state-by-state battle at the ballot box. This November, several states have critical abortion-related measures up for vote that will decide the future of reproductive freedom for millions of Americans. For this purpose, The HisTerical Society is running a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for hard-hitting advertisements to help ‘Turn the Muthas Out‘ to the polls!

From Arizona to Florida, several states will determine the course of abortion access through ballot initiatives and constitutional amendments. Anti-abortion groups are already pouring millions into these state campaigns to spread misinformation and advance their agenda to control women’s bodies. We need to fight back with emotional appeals that cut through the noise.

In essence, this campaign will fund a series of powerful TV, and digital ads across these battleground states. Thus, by illustrating dystopian oppressive situations for shock value, we can break through the political spin and shift the conversation.

Our ads will also expose disturbing truths that often go unmentioned, like how “personhood” measures could potentially ban common forms of birth control and criminalize routine reproductive healthcare for women. Voters need to understand the far-reaching ramifications on the line.

With only 4 months until the November elections, the clock is ticking to make our voices heard. All we need is your support to broadcast these powerful messages far and wide. The future of bodily autonomy hangs in the balance, and we cannot remain silent when so much is at stake. Our voices and our rights must be fiercely protected this Roevember.

Help us ‘Turn the Muthas Out’ to the polls!

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell came to the U.S. from South America at a young age with her mom and sisters, fleeing violence and searching for a better life.

In Congress, Debbie wrote the bill to expand seniors’ Medicare Advantage coverage. She even worked with Republicans to provide economic relief to families and small businesses, and secured $200 million for Everglades restoration. Debbie has been a lifelong advocate for reducing crime and keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals.

Now, Debbie is running for US Senate because our democracy, our economy and our rights are all on the line. And Senator Rick Scott has failed Floridians over and over again.

Florida is one of the least affordable states in the nation, but Senator Rick Scott wants to raise taxes and end Social Security and Medicare coverage. Scott has also pushed for a nationwide abortion ban, stripping rights away from women.

Debbie knows the decision to have an abortion is between a woman, her family, and her doctor. Abortion bans put women’s lives at risk by increasing maternal mortality and ultimately stripping them of their fundamental freedoms. She vows to fight against extremist politicians who want to criminalize health care providers.

Debbie will continue to fight to protect every woman’s right to make the decision that is best for them. Meanwhile, extremist Rick Scott cosponsored a national abortion ban and enthusiastically supports the state’s six week ban.

Floridians need Debbie in the Senate, and so do we!

The Iowa Supreme Court removed the temporary block on the state’s strict abortion ban. Very soon, most abortions in Iowa will be illegal after about six weeks of pregnancy. It will still take a few weeks for the to be implemented, leaving the state’s 20 week ban in place for now.

The state’s highest Court made it clear that there is no constitutional right to abortion! But Chief Justice Susan Christensen dissented, writing that the opinion “strips Iowa women of their bodily autonomy.”

The ruling signals the end of a legal battle over abortion restrictions in Iowa that escalated in 2022 when the Iowa Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court both overturned decisions establishing a constitutional right to abortion.

The Iowa abortion ban passed with exclusively Republican support in a one-day special session last July. The next day, the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa, Planned Parenthood North Central States and the Emma Goldman Clinicb filed a legal challenge. The law was in effect for a few days before a district court judge put it on pause.

Rape, incest, fetal abnormality “incompatible with life” or the life of the mother are limited exceptions that would allow for abortion after six weeks. The state’s medical board recently defined rules for how doctors should adhere to the law.

Still, the rules do not outline how the board would determine noncompliance or what the appropriate disciplinary action might be. This leaves uncertainty in women’s healthcare in the state.

With SCOTUS punting the EMTALA law, it is unclear whether women will get care in Iowa under life-threatening emergencies. Scary state of affairs in Iowa now..

NOISE FOR NOW has worked with over 450 artists and entertainers to raise over $1.3M for 50 organizations working in the field of Reproductive Justice across the country.

NOISE FOR NOW began in 2017 with the inaugural benefit concert at the Santa Fe Opera. Proceeds went to the Santa Fe NOW Action Network, which supports reproductive healthcare and education programs in New Mexico. Afterwards, NOISE FOR NOW was formed as a non-profit organization dedicated to organizing benefit concerts across the country.

Musicians routinely travel through areas with anti-choice legislation. Now they can support the heroes that fight for and provide access to health care and abortion everyday. There is a powerful impact on local organizations when nationally recognized musicians support them on the ground.

NOISE FOR NOW partners with coalitions, artists, and events that promote and support reproductive justice. For example, the Art Weekend Festival in Kingston, NY July 18-21st will support the New York Abortion Access Fund and independent abortion clinics in NY via Keep Our Clinics.

NOISE FOR NOW offers several ways to raise money and awareness. Performers can:

  • Participate in a one-off NOISE FOR NOW benefit concert in a target market
  • Turn an existing show in a key market into a NOISE FOR NOW benefit
  • Designate a Merch item as a NOISE FOR NOW fundraiser
  • Use a dollar-per-ticket add on to raise funds
  • Donate your merch sales in key markets
  • Post a selfie in a NOISE FOR NOW fundraising tee on your socials
  • Take Abortion Info cards and Stickers on tour to hand out for free at your merch table

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