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The far right has finally lost it over a singer supporting her boyfriend playing football. The lengths the GOP are going to inventing conspiracy theories is really astounding. And for what?? I’m pretty sure they aren’t making it any better by attacking Taylor Swift relentlessly.. That didn’t stop her from making history last night with her record-breaking 4th Album of the Year Grammy win!

I guess the far right need distractions from the good economic news and bipartisan national security bill? And their guy is.. well, getting more and more unhinged as the walls of justice close in on him.. Meanwhile, women are just “standing back and standing by” until the election in Roevember! Happy Black History Month!

A potent and electrifying critique of today’s feminist movement, Mikki Kendal is a fresh new voice in Black feminism. In this searing collection of essays, Mikki Kendall takes aim at the legitimacy of the modern feminist movement, arguing it has chronically failed to address the needs of all but a few women.

Drawing on her own experiences with hunger, violence, and hypersexualization, along with incisive commentary on politics, pop culture, the stigma of mental health, and more, Hood Feminism delivers an irrefutable indictment of a movement in flux.

An unforgettable debut (with a combined 14 weeks on the NYT Bestseller List in 2020), Kendall has written a ferocious clarion call to all would-be feminists to live the true mandate of the movement in thought and deed.

A self-described “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet,” Audre Lorde dedicated both her life and her creative talent to confronting and addressing injustices of racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia.

Lorde was a noted prose writer as well as poet. She documented her struggle to overcome breast cancer and mastectomy, in The Cancer Journals (1980). Recounting this personal transformation led Lorde to address the silence surrounding cancer, illness, and the lived experience of women.

The black feminist also founded Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press along with a few of her contemporaries. A professor of English at John Jay College and Hunter College, Lorde was poet laureate of New York from 1991-1992.

SisterSong is a Southern based, national membership organization. Their purpose is to build an effective network of individuals and organizations to improve institutional policies and systems that impact the reproductive lives of marginalized communities.

The Collective defines Reproductive Justice as the right to maintain personal bodily autonomy; to have children; to not have children; and to parent the children one has in safe and sustainable communities.

SisterSong was formed in 1997 by 16 organizations of women of color from four mini-communities (BIPOC). They recognized the right and responsibility to represent themselves and their communities, as well as the compelling need to advance the perspectives and needs of women of color.

Harry Dunn Capitol Police Officer

Retired Capitol Policeman Harry Dunn testified before the January 6th Select Committee, and supported every single hearing in the audience. He retired from the Capitol Police in December, and now he’s found a new way to serve his country.

Of course, Officer Dunn knows that the riot was not a “Tourist event”. Accordingly, he protected our elected leaders from the rabid mob, storming the Capitol that day. Tragically, he risked his life for some of the same GOP representatives who were in on the coup, part of the problem, fully brainwashed sycophants for the orange criminal who sat in the Oval office that day.

Harry Dunn announced his candidacy the day before the 3rd anniversary of the Jan 6th riot. He will run for a heavily democratic district against others who are vying for the seat vacated by Rep. John Sarbanes.

In 2019, Arkansas enacted a “trigger” ban, banning all abortions except to save the life of the pregnant person. Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe, Arkansas is enforcing its trigger ban to prohibit abortion entirely.

Last year, Arkansas repealed the licensing requirement of abortion clinics to conform with the state’s total ban. The state continues to restrict providers from using telemedicine for the provision of abortion care. Providers who violate Arkansas’s abortion restrictions may face civil and criminal penalties.

However, there’s new hope for Arkansans in 2024, as they have the potential to protect abortion rights in the state constitution.

After a prior rejection of the ballot provision in November, state AG, Tim Griffin approved the revised version a few weeks ago. Now they need 90,000 signatures by July in order to put the provision on the November ballot. Goooo Arkansas!

Field Team 6 logo

Did you know that 60% of unregistered voters have never been asked to register?

To win in 2024, Field Team 6 will reach out to millions of unregistered likely Democrats using their one-of-a-kind database and every outreach method possible (phone and text, postcard, email and targeted ad, and in-person too).

In order to maximize impact, they will target regions in the most flippable states and districts.

Accordingly, they’ve already proven their concept with controlled trials in 2022. And now they’ve honed their efficiency to turn every donor dollar and volunteer hour into more registrations.

Well, what are you waiting for? JOIN! They’ve helped register almost 2.9 million Democratic voters, the vast majority in swing states… Let’s do it again.

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