Pyrrha & Pandora

Feminist Comedy Web-series ahead of Roevember. We will have a total of Eight 1-3 minute episodes.

Join our Roevember Army dancing to the polls in an epic hip-hop number in our series finale!

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Finale dancers for shoot 2-5pm April 28th in Los Angeles

We will assemble an “army” of women eager to fight back and march to the polls in Roevember.

Optional rehearsal on Saturday afternoon, with shooting on Sunday afternoon.

If you miss the rehearsal, learn the easy moves beforehand via a video we will have available here.

You will get a cut of yourself close up dancing and get to keep your costume.

Web-series Logline: When Pandora’s box opens, overturning Roe v Wade, she and her daughter Pyrrha must overcome the released evil, all while trying to get her daughter to give her grandchildren.

Pandora worries after opening her box and Pyrrha discovers that Roe v Wade has been overturned
Chapter 1: Introduction

Pandora gives “teeth” to Pyrrha to keep her safe now that apex predators are out to control women
Chapter 2: Vagina Dentata

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