In May, 2022, when SCOTUS threatened to overturn Roe v Wade and strip half the country of their reproductive right protections, I quit my corporate sales job to pursue my true passion of storytelling full time.  I had to do something, and embarked from my California bubble to Red states to capture the harrowing and mundane stories of American women.  

June 2022 – Dobbs formally reverses Roe v Wade

October 2022 – WE’RE NOT GOING BACK! Documentary Premieres

January 2023 – The HisTerical Society Blog is launched

July 2023 – The HisTerical Society Feminist Podcast is launched

January 2024 – Persist to Resist weekly newsletter ahead of Roevember is launched

May 2024 – Fundraising campaign launched for abortion initiative ad placement

Here is more about the pro-choice documentary film: WE’RE NOT GOING BACK!

Since obviously our work is not done, I am following up the documentary film with this blog, and companion podcast called “The HisTerical Society” in order to build coalitions of warriors and activists to continue the work.

Here is the first blog post that further describes our intentions with the blog and our name:

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