Greta Thunberg

December 31, 2022

Greta Burns Misogynist With a Single Tweet

Greta Thunberg climate change activist burns misogynist
Greta Thunberg

Climate change warrior Greta Thunberg (19) triggers misogynist Andrew Tate to post a retort video on social media.

Local Romanian authorities saw his video, which gave away his location.

This led to his and his brother’s arrest on human trafficking charges. 

Step 1:  Call out misogynists

Step 2:  Sit back and watch them dig their own grave

He Dared Her First

Greta famously claimed “How Dare You?” in 2019 to adults who don’t take climate change seriously. She continues to lead the way for global activism around climate change at only 19 years old. 

Since Andrew Tate thrives on abusing young women, he naturally attacked Greta first. He obnoxiously tweeted at her about his carbon-burning prowess, and including a D%$K Pic of one of his gas guzzlers…   

Greta Tweet Andrew Tate
Greta Thunberg’s Twitter
Andrew Tate with Car getting gas
Andrew Tate’s Twitter

Is this the New PizzaGate?

Well, at least this PizzaGate’s a REAL scandal! not like that other QAnon conspiracy.. It was the perfect combination of Andrew’s ego and stupidity that stoked the fire that ended up in his demise. 

Greta’s epic tweet fanned the flames that had charred Andrew’s manhood. In response, he posted this photo of himself with a local Romanian Pizzeria box in front of him. 

Not so fast, Andrew.. The Romanian authorities had been tracking him and others as part of a sex trafficking ring.

The Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) had confirmed he was in Romania and they went to work.

Tate Tweet Pizza Box
Andrew Tate’s Twitter

Within 24 hours of posting the picture with the pizza box, officers had carried out five different house raids. 

Greta followed up after the news of his arrest with the final roasting of his chestnuts on December 30th: “This is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes”

Mic drop, Greta! She managed to take Andrew Tate’s carbon footprint effectively down to zero in ~24 hours from the comfort of her own home.

Andrew Tate Arrest Romania


Greta is a badass, and can take down sexual predators with a few flicks of her thumbs.  Be like Greta.  Be a warrior. 

And the next time you have to light something on fire or cause an explosion, make sure it takes down a human trafficking ring in the process. 

On the flip side, don’t troll anyone on Twitter, or be an asshole..  Or at least if you decide to get pizza delivery, make sure you are not an international criminal. 

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