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Alito pulls a recusal refusal.   But Hunter goes on trial just as the convicted felon cries Biden has “Weaponized the justice department”..  How about that immunity case, SCOTUS?  Women win top jobs in Mexico and Iceland. Zurawski lawsuit is rejected by Texas Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, Republican Senators show their cards and block a bill to protect our right to birth control. The greatest generation shares a tender moment with Zelensky to commemorate 80 years since D-day. Dr. Fauci is vilified by Marjorie Taylor Greene after saving all our lives. Finally, Biden caps immigration with an executive order after the GOP pulled the football.

Julia Serano is a lesbian, transgender activist and professional biologist. Julia’s experiences both before and after transition offer observations into the ways in which negative societal attitudes towards feminity shape our reactions to trans women. Serano uses acute arguments to prove that deep-rooted cultural beliefs connecting fragility and femininity are misogynistic misconceptions that must be dismantled in order to empower women to embrace femininity.

Serano’s reputation as a thought-leader stem from her ability to bridge the gap between the often-disparate biological and social perspectives on gender. In this provocative manifesto, she exposes how deep-rooted the cultural belief is that femininity is frivolous, weak, and passive, and how this “feminine” weakness exists only to attract and appease male desire.

In addition to debunking popular misconceptions about transsexuality, Serano makes the case that today’s feminists and transgender activists must work to embrace and empower femininity-in all of its wondrous forms.

First published in 2007, the newly updated third edition of Whipping Girl covers:

  • A Brief History of Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Youth
  • Anatomy of an Anti-Trans Backlash
  • “Just Asking Questions” and the “Cisgender People Turned Transgender” Trope
  • “Sexual Predator” Stereotypes and the Stigma-Contamination Mindset
  • Understanding and Ending Moral Panics

This powerful manifesto can be a beacon of light in these dark times post Roe and with fascism marching towards many communities in the United States.

Ellen DeGeneres is a source of joy, courage, and compassion in a world often overshadowed by negativity and division. Ellen discovered her talent for making people laugh as a way to cope with the challenges of her youth. Her career took off in the 1980s with her quick-witted stand-up routines that resonated with audiences across America.

In 1997 Ellen made history when her character came out as gay on an episode of her sitcom “Ellen”. In an era when LGBTQ+ representation was scarce and often stereotypical, Ellen’s decision was groundbreaking. She risked her career to live her truth, facing backlash from advertisers, religious groups, and even some fans.

The aftermath was tough. Ellen’s show was cancelled, and she faced a period of professional wilderness. But she came back stronger with “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2003. This daytime talk show became a phenomenon, running for 19 seasons and winning 61 Daytime Emmy Awards.

Ellen’s philanthropy extends far beyond her show. Through the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund, she works to protect endangered species. Her disaster relief efforts have aided victims of hurricanes, wildfires, and more. These actions embody her catchphrase, “Be kind to one another,” showing that kindness is a powerful force for change.

Of course, no public figure is without controversy. In 2020, allegations of a toxic workplace on “The Ellen Show” surfaced. Ellen’s response was to acknowledge mistakes, apologize, and work to do better.

“The Ellen Show” ended in 2022, but it’s clear that Ellen’s impact will endure. Her legacy is in the lives she’s changed, and the hearts she’s opened. Ellen DeGeneres shines as a beacon of joy, courage, and kindness, inspiring all of us to do the same.

The Human Rights Campaign and Foundation fight for equality, equity and liberation for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) people.

HRC drives impact by inspiring, engaging and mobilizing pro-equality voters to elect pro-equality leaders. They focus on changing hearts and minds through programs that increase understanding, visibility and support for the diverse LGBTQ+ community. They demand equity-based policies and legislation in order to transform the institutions and systems that shape our everyday lives.

Established in 1980 by Steve Endean, the organization was primarily a fund for supporting pro-fairness congressional candidates. In the early days of HRC, there were few openly LGBTQ+ officials in office.

Despite a lot of progress, our most marginalized are still suffering from violence, discrimination and fear. HRC aims to ensure equal treatment for all LGBTQ+ people, particularly trans, HIV+, and people of color.

HRC has become respected as one of the largest and most effective mainstream advocacy organizations in the country. The iconic blue-and-yellow equal sign has become synonymous with the fight for equal rights for LGBTQ+ people.

In summary, with an estimated 52 million Equality Voters across America, HRC represents one of the largest and most politically engaged voting blocks in the country.

Congresswoman Sharice Davids made history in 2018 when she won her first Congressional race. She is the first openly LGBTQ person of color ever elected to Congress. She also is the first openly LGBTQ person from Kansas ever elected at the federal level. And finally, she is one of the first two Native American women ever elected to Congress.

Sharice represents Kansas’ Third Congressional District. Raised by a single mom, Sharice was the first person in her family to attend college. She worked her way from Community College to Cornell Law School, juggling multiple jobs to fund her way.

She went on to work in economic and community development on Native American reservations. In this capacity, she helped tribes to create programs and initiatives for growth. She then won the prestigious White House Fellowship program, where she served under President Barack Obama.

Sharice ran for Congress to give Kansans a voice who represents their values and interests. She aims to ensure everyone has the same opportunities to achieve their goals that she did.

During her time in Congress, she has tirelessly tackled issues important to Kansas families. Her efforts are to work to strengthen our public schools, lower the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs, and make sure the government is working for the people.

Help re-elect Sharice Davids so she can continue to help and support Kansans in Congress.

We spotlighted Texas last month due to their horrible history in oppression. Well, now saddle up for round 2, since they keep on doing horrible things..

First, the Texas Supreme Court rejected the Zurawski case, and ruled that the state’s abortion ban exceptions are clear enough.. “Texas law permits a life-saving abortion,” the court wrote. They also affirmed “the law does not authorize abortions for diagnosed fetal conditions absent a life-threatening complication to the mother.”

Amarillo moves to restrict travel

Not to be outdone, the town of Amarillo moves to close its borders to people traveling to get an abortion. The proposal would allow private citizens to sue anyone transporting a pregnant woman seeking an abortion.

This new “legal” approach seeks to sidestep judicial hurdles. Yet it’s unclear how Amarillo’s law would actually work, given that it would impede on Americans’ rights to free movement.

This is the same Amarillo where the religious judge who ruled mifepristone should be pulled off the market is from. Because this district only has one conservative judge, the religious right targets it with their insane and unconstitutional laws..

Case in point.. Two professors at UT Austin are suing for the “right” to penalize students who miss class to obtain an abortion out of state.

That’s right.. John Hatfield and Daniel Bonevac are contesting the Biden administration’s shield of students from retaliation when they obtain reproductive health care. Their gripe isn’t just about abortion.. They also wish to discriminate against students and teaching assistants who identify as LGBTQ.

Kinda sucks to be a Texan with a uterus nowadays..

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) National Help Center was founded in 1996. The non-profit organization provides vital peer support, community connections, and resource information through helplines and online chatrooms. Their services focus on sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression.

Accordingly, they help youth and adults with coming-out issues, safer-sex information, school bullying, family concerns, relationship problems, and a lot more. They care deeply about confidentiality, and their services are always free. Every day they are open through their hotlines, online chat programs, email services, and publicly accessible online databases of resources.

In addition, they offer online chatrooms available to LGBTQIA+ youth. Trained moderators take the lead within those chatrooms to make sure the chatroom stays safe and appropriate. Moderated chatrooms allow us to offer a space where young people can gather, form community, and support and uplift each other.

Volunteering can be tremendously rewarding. It can be a way to learn about the many different programs and organizations that serve our community. Moderators lead conversations and provide a space where young people can find their own voice. Additionally, moderators safeguard the rooms from trolls and hate speech to create a safe space for young people to feel comfortable to be themselves.

LGBT National Help Center programs provide vital support to the most vulnerable in the community. For example, social media volunteers help get the word out and help those who need support find it. Social media volunteers also help those who aren’t ready to call a support hotline.

Volunteering can be rewarding in both obvious and unpredictable ways. They offer unique voices and experiences while creating fresh content for the online community.

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