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Jury selected in a week! But concerns about the safety of the jury while the defendant snoozes to escape his nightmare..  Split screen with Biden on the campaign trail doing right by the American people.  Meanwhile, Lara trump promises 4 years of scorched earth.

Johnson finds his balls and risks his job to do the right thing by holding a vote on foreign aid. However, Israel returns with a limited attack on Iran. Taylor Swift drops a double album, polarizing America with a new distraction.. WNBA pay disparity sparks outrage but will people watch and buy tickets to support the economics?

In her 2014 essay collection “Bad Feminist,” Roxane Gay embraces complexities and contradictions of 21st century feminism. Her candid, incisive commentary articulates an unspoken truth about gender equality.. After all, no woman is a perfect feminist all the time. With refreshing authenticity, Gay frees feminism from rigid ideals and affirms that it doesn’t mean denouncing one’s femininity.

Through deeply personal reflections, Gay tackles everything from misogynistic pop culture to society’s impossible standards around body image. She unpacks the challenges women face, expected to be smart yet self-effacing, assertive yet polite, sexy but not too provocative. With wry humor, Gay meets these conflicting expectations without going crazy or losing one’s sense of self.

Gay rejects labels like “enlightened feminist,” and epitomizes a new feminist era. She stays focused on liberating women to fight oppressive norms in their own authentic way. Her essays empower readers to push back against societal pressures to have it all figured out with curated feminist identities.

Ultimately, “Bad Feminist” is a rallying cry to embrace feminism as an ongoing journey without strict dogma. Gay gives women permission to be layered, and to strive to be flawed, self-loving, angry, joyful, doubtful, and triumphant feminists. Her wisdom inspires us to have more compassion for their complexities while staying emboldened to dismantle patriarchal systems unapologetically.

You do you! We need everybody in the movement..

Shonda Rhimes’ boundless vision shatters norms and empowers women in television. Rhimes has repeatedly blazed trails for female empowerment in television. She is the brilliant mastermind behind generation-defining shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder. Her fierce storytelling challenges narrow representations and gives audiences a powerful window into the multidimensional experiences of modern womanhood.

On the screen, Rhimes’ female leads defy stereotypical tropes and are complex characters that celebrate ambition, strength, vulnerability and diversity.

Rhimes’ unflinching approach to tackling topics like sexism, sexuality, abuse and racism through an intersectional lens has encouraged important conversations. Her shows don’t pigeonhole women into sanitized, likable roles but explore their messy humanity. This resonates deeply for viewers who rarely saw themselves reflected in such nuanced ways before.

But Rhimes’ impact extends far beyond just the stories she tells. At her production company Shondaland, she uplifts other female creators and talent both in front and behind the camera. Rhimes is a trailblazer in hiring women directors and prioritizing diversity across her projects and writers rooms.

All in all, Shonda Rhimes embodies a revolutionary vision – using her platform to elevate authentic portrayals of womanhood crafted by the underrepresented voices telling those stories. Her norm-shattering influence sparks empowerment by making space for women’s multitudes in entertainment and society.

Plan C Pills empower reproductive autonomy through self-managed abortion.

In this post-Roe era, Plan C has emerged as a vital resource defending bodily autonomy. Above all, Plan C equips women and girls with the knowledge to safely self-manage their own abortions using medication abortion pills.

The group represents a bulwark against draconian restrictions that aim to strip people of their fundamental right to terminate pregnancies. Since Dobbs passed in 2022, many states have instituted near-total abortion bans. Thus forcing pregnant individuals out of state or to carry pregnancies to term against their will.

Plan C explains how people can self-source abortion pills like misoprostol and mifepristone through online pharmacies and aid access services. The site offers straightforward guidance on the medication abortion process using evidence-based information from leading reproductive health organizations.

Plan C also provide details on setting up private browsing to access abortion pills discreetly and safely. They facilitate a pragmatic solution to the abortion access crisis. At its core, Plan C champions the notion that individuals can be entrusted with their own reproductive autonomy. The group’s efforts are expansive reproductive justice in action.

State Rep. Gloria Johnson fights for justice for those who have been left out, left behind, or without a voice.

A former special education teacher, Gloria was fed up with attacks on the rights of public school students and teachers. In 2012 she ran for the Tennessee House in Knoxville in 2012 and has been fighting to hold special interests accountable ever since.

After a mass school shooting in Tennessee, Gloria stood tall for victims of injustice. As a member of the “Tennessee Three”, she demanded politicians pass gun safety measures to prevent future shootings. For speaking truth to power, Republican leaders tried to kick her out of office. But Gloria survived the politically charged expulsion vote and she is now helping to build a statewide movement for change.

Tennesseans are fed up with corrupt politicians who pocket millions from special interests while voting against the people. And Tennessee women deserve a Senator who trusts them to make their own medical decisions.

Gloria is running for U.S. Senate because she knows it is time to shift power back where it belongs: with working and middle class families.

A disturbing incident at a North Carolina hospital has shed light on the unconscionable consequences of extreme abortion restrictions. A pregnant woman having a miscarriage was turned away from the emergency room because the fetal heartbeat could still be detected. Despite her heavy bleeding and immense pain, the governing laws prohibited the provision of necessary care.

The woman helplessly remain in the hospital’s public lobby for over seven hours before delivering the non-viable fetus. Cameras captured her cries of agony echoing through the waiting area while staffers stood by doing nothing.

Not surprisingly, this egregious violation of human rights stems directly from North Carolina’s abortion ban, with narrow exceptions only for medical emergencies. The law deprives doctors of their ethical duty to provide care, and values an unviable pregnancy over a woman’s health and dignity.

Beyond just morally reprehensible, such laws directly jeopardize the lives of pregnant patients. Forcing physicians to forgo treatment until a inevitable miscarriage becomes life-threatening creates unconscionable risks. No person should ever have to endure such dehumanizing trauma simply for accessing reproductive healthcare.

This latest horror story underscores the stakes of stripping bodily autonomy through draconian abortion bans. The cruelty witnessed in that hospital lobby must spark outrage and action! Women’s lives and human rights hang in the balance.

The Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP) is a vital lifeline for bodily autonomy. This national nonprofit organization works tirelessly to eliminate the many financial and logistical hurdles impeding access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare.

Abortion access in many states remains painfully out of reach now that Roe v Wade has been overturned. WRRAP provides critical financial assistance and travel coordination to help prospective patients actually make it through clinic doors.

Their Abortion Logistics and Travel Assistance program arranges overnight accommodations, childcare, and transportation to and from appointments for eligible clients. By removing these barriers, WRRAP empowers bodily autonomy for those who would otherwise be denied their right to essential healthcare.

WRRAP also facilitates access to pregnancy care services, contraception, cancer screenings, and other reproductive health needs. Their Clinic Support Initiative provides operating grants to keep the nationwide network of clinics running.

Markedly, in their four decades defending human rights, WRRAP has provided millions in financial assistance.

WRRAP epitomizes the frontline activism required to meaningfully protect reproductive freedoms. By breaking down logistical barriers with compassionate perseverance, they empower the fundamental human right of bodily autonomy for all.

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