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It’s all on the line in 2024.. Not only are our fundamental rights at stake, but the democracy of our country is on the line. Now, more than ever, women like us need to get involved and make our voices heard. Let’s show the patriarchy who’s boss in November! In honor of the should-be 51st Anniversary of Roe v Wade, The HisTerical Society is launching this weekly newsletter to provide tools, ideas, and inspiration to keep us going throughout this crucial year.

Author DeShawn Taylor, MD – Speaker, Author, Advocacy Consultant and Abortion Provider.

Dr. Taylor began writing Undue Burden in February of 2022 and wrote it through the leaked draft SCOTUS opinion for Dobbs, the overturn of Roe and the enforcement of a total abortion ban in Arizona.

Get a glimpse into her innermost thoughts, her hopes and dreams, and learn something you didn’t know. Undue Burden will affirm and inspire you.

This book is excellent – it taught me everything I needed to know about Reproductive Justice and why being Pro-choice is not enough.

It’s now required reading in several college courses. Get your copy today and see why!

Sure her music is catchy, and her following massive! But her low-key ability to influence tens of thousands of would-be voters to register, and hopefully ultimately to turn them out at the polls just could save our democracy in November.

The Tennessee-born singer/songwriter started out in Country music, but she quickly learned that the ‘Ole Boys Club exploited music artists like her.

Her move to re-record her catalog in order to control the rights to her music was bold and empowered.

Taylor’s lyrics inspire millions of women to stand up for themselves and what they believe in. Her tour last summer saved the economy in many cities. We dare her to inspire millions of her fans to get out and vote in November!

Reproductive Freedom for All organizes and mobilizes 4 million members to fight for access to abortion, birth control, paid parental leave, and protections from pregnancy discrimination.

Their website is handy with lots of resources, information on abortion laws by state. There’s even a template for letters to send U.S. senators and representatives in support of a woman’s right to choose.

They work at both the state and national level to pass proactive policies for reproductive freedom and hold anti-abortion extremists accountable. They represent the 8 in 10 Americans who believe in the legal right to abortion. And they fight for a future where reproductive freedom is a reality for everybody.

In 2023 we ousted George Santos, an embarrassment to the GOP. Now’s our chance to flip the seat by re-electing Democrat Tom Suozzi!

NY-3 was one of 18 districts that would have voted for Biden in 2020 had it existed in its current configuration. Instead, Republicans won these districts in 2022 midterms due to gerrymandering. It was an anomaly (and a disgrace) that Santos ever got the seat to begin with.

An example of a casualty of redistricting in 2022, but now a recipient of the benefits of fixing it.

Having already been in the seat from 2017-2023, Tom Suozzi stands an excellent chance to win the Special Election on February 13th!

After Roe fell, Idaho’s trigger ban went into effect.

It criminalizes abortion at ALL stages, with narrow exceptions. (i.e. rape has to be reported to the police AND pregnancy terminated within 12 weeks).

Additionally, Idaho law criminalizes helping someone leave the state for an abortion. Thus challenging the federal requirement that hospitals provide abortion care in emergency situations.

No wonder OB-GYNs are fleeing the state, causing the closure of the maternity ward in rural Sandpoint.

These laws have severely limited the access to reproductive health care for people in Idaho, especially for those who are low-income, rural, or marginalized.

I know, I know.. shameless plug here for the first issue.. :)

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