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Alito openly flies his red flags. MAGA invokes “a unified reich” while his defense implodes then rests…  Guess he didn’t get enough sleep during the trial?  He dangerously claims attempted murder stoking the flames of his base.  But what about that “presidential immunity” to take out foes?? Haley goes MAGA after campaigning Trump’s not fit for president, thus turning her back on her voters.

Senate Democrats will force a vote on the right to contraception. While the GOP in Congress push a sham bill to incentivize red states to defund Medicaid and ban IVF at the same time. Meanwhile, in Texas, a doctor who said nine-year-olds can safely give birth is appointed to their maternal mortality committee. Louisiana quietly makes the abortion pill a controlled substance. Happy Memorial Day!

In 1963, Betty Friedan’s groundbreaking book ‘The Feminine Mystique’ shattered the societal myths confining women to rigid domestic roles. She gave a voice to the widespread “problem that has no name” of housewife unhappiness and repression. In doing so, Friedan sparked a revolution in consciousness that went on to reshape the women’s movement for decades. Over 60 years later, her courageous call for women’s equality and self-actualization continues to inspire today.

Prior to Friedan, the idyllic image of the happy 1950s suburban housewife was deeply entrenched in American culture. The Feminine Mystique exposed how societal pressures and limited opportunities systemically undermined women’s identity and sense of freedom.

Friedan’s message empowered women to pursue their own individualistic ambitions, careers, and a life of their choosing. The Feminine Mystique was a driving force allowing a new generation to reimagine their possibilities. Her defiant voice helped shatter the misogynistic attitude that women should be confined and controlled.

Friedan’s core message continues to resonate today as the fight for women’s empowerment endures. Issues like the wage gap, sexist double standards, lack of advancement opportunities, and grappling with work-life balance persist.

Friedan’s rejection of complacency still has the power to stir women to fight for control over their own destinies. Friedan proved that no woman should be trapped by societal constraints or pressures. Her ideology forever inspires women to blaze their own courageous paths on their own terms.

Gloria Steinem has been at the forefront of the fight for women’s rights and equality for over 50 years. As a journalist during the 1960s, Steinem’s coverage of a public hearing on abortion propelled her towards the women’s movement.

Steinem mobilized a generation of women to advance the cause of women’s liberation. In 1971 she co-founded Ms. Magazine, the first feminist periodical with a national readership. Steinem has co-founded several organizations, published many books, and involved herself in numerous political campaigns.

Steinem became one of the most recognizable faces of the contemporary women’s liberation movement. She traveled the world as a spokesperson, lecturer and organizer working to advance women’s equality. Now in her late 80s, Steinem remains an activist, writer, speaker and leader in the continued fight for women’s rights.

She has received countless awards, honors, and even had a Venus asteroid named after her by NASA. However, Steinem’s greatest legacy is her relentless, lifelong commitment to feminism. The indelible impact she has had in fundamentally transforming attitudes, laws and opportunities for women knows no bounds.

In many ways, she personifies the modern feminist movement itself. She is bold, defiant, and unwavering in pursuit of making the world equal for all women.

Gloria Steinem gave feminism a powerful voice that continues to inspire generations of women and supporters of equal rights worldwide.

Democracy is confronting its greatest challenges in generations, both in the United States and around the world.

We are witnessing increased polarization, erosion of trust in and commitment to democratic norms and institutions. We’ve seen concerted efforts to subvert elections, and an alarming rise in extremism and political violence. These all threaten our democratic system that has improved the rights and lives of our citizens for nearly 250 years.

This degradation of democracy affects all of us, and its preservation will take all of us. The Jewish community has always advocated for a vibrant democracy in America. Now, with myriad threats to our democracy, we need to work together to ensure its survival for future generations.

The Jewish Partnership for Democracy recruits and support Jewish institutions to achieve meaningful, action-based commitments to American democracy.

These commitments ensure relevant pro-democracy action in communities where it can be most impactful, and not just during national campaigns.

Specifically, they build a trust-based, transpartisan network and mobilize them to take collective action to support democracy. Partner commitments are just the first step. Once partners join the network, they provide a plethora of curated opportunities that foster collaboration and compound successes.

They elevate compelling narratives about the Jewish commitment to protect and strengthen American democracy. Partner commitments provide powerful examples of community-based action.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a passionate advocate and tireless fighter for progressive values. She continues to champion the safety and security of families in Florida’s 25th Congressional District.

Born in New York, Wasserman Schultz believes that one person can make a difference. Her strong belief in the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam – repairing the world – inspired her toward public service.

At age 26, Wasserman Schultz became the youngest woman (at that time) elected to the Florida Legislature. In 2004, she became the first Jewish woman ever elected to represent Florida in Congress.

In 2016, she was endorsed by more than 50 labor unions, human rights, equality, environmental and women’s organizations. Wasserman Schultz focuses on issues key to the success of families from all walks of life. These include expanding access to health care and lowering costs. Also, improving the quality of life for children and families. She fights to protect women’s reproductive freedom and to safeguard Social Security and Medicare. She stands up for equality for all and to ensure our service men and women and first responders have our support.

Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz is Florida’s first Jewish Congresswoman. Rep. Wasserman Schultz works across the aisle to secure legislative wins. She is a member of the New Democrat Coalition and on the Bipartisan Task Force for Combating Antisemitism.

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has gone on a rampage with his veto pen lately. Several bills have failed at the highest level in the state. This includes bills to expand family leave, protect abortion providers from out-of-state legislation, and protect access to contraceptives.

The contraception bill move came after Youngkin and the original authors of SB 237 exchanged dueling edits. As originally written, the bill would have guaranteed access to birth control, intrauterine devices (IUDs), emergency contraception medication (also known as Plan B), condoms, and other reproductive health care items.

Youngkin issued a statement attempting to explain. “Let me be crystal clear: I support access to contraception. However, we cannot trample on the religious freedoms of Virginians,” he said.

He also didn’t like bills HB519/SB716, which would have prohibited disciplinary action against a doctor who provides abortion care. In addition, he vetoed HB1539/SB15, which would have prohibited extradition for abortion providers to another state.

Not to be outdone, Youngkin also vetoed SB373, which would have required 12-week paid family and medical leave benefits starting in January 2027.

Meanwhile, Republicans advance a budget bill that includes limits on abortion access and diversity programs. Democratic lawmakers have vowed to take up the fight to block these bills, which include several line items for the military and veterans.

Consequently, if approved, the VA budget would grow about 10% from fiscal year 2024 to fiscal year 2025, a significant jump considering Republicans’ constrained spending targets for other nonmilitary agencies.

Female Strong ® is a community that offers hands-on mentorship and experiences that build confidence in middle/high school.

They support the inclusion of all girls, trans, gender-fluid and non-binary youth as they help propel them to become future leaders.

By empowering girls with skills they need, they preempt the inequities that exist for women in the workplace today.

Confidence and belief go hand in hand. The belief factor is the cornerstone of confidence. Because with belief one is anchored in ideal, vision, dream and outcome.

  • #1: Confidence is the top answer when girls were asked what they need to succeed
  • 1 in 3 girls are afraid to be a leader because they don’t want to be thought of as ‘bossy’*
  • 47% of girls think most girls their age are embarrassed to be smart.*
  • 46% of high school girls do not believe they are smart enough for their dream career.*
  • 42% of girls believe that there are certain jobs that are better for men than women.*

In summary, Female Strong wants all girls to realize that they can lead and pursue their dream job. We help to build bold girls who will be our future leaders. By having a program that is just for girls, we provide a safe space for them to explore themselves in a nurturing and supportive environment surrounded by other girls that are doing the same.

*Source: Hinkelman, L., “The Girls’ Index: New insights into the complex world of today’s girls” Columbus, OH: Ruling Our eXperiences, Inc., 2017.

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