Persist to Resist – 4Mar24

Manchurian SCOTUS punts to run out the accountability clock for The Former Guy.. What election interference? With three SCOTUS justice shills and at least two on the take from rich white guys, the patriarchy clearly has democracy by the balls. Cuz when you’re a celebrity they let you do it..

Nothing to see here.. The hypocrisy of investigating Biden when Trump is supposedly immune from crimes as President is mind blowing. Meanwhile, the GOP scrambles their fertilized eggs in Alabama, McConnell’s lights go out, and the orange man admits he’s broke. Women get a whole month to be on top, then it’s back to missionary for us..

Feminism is all about demanding equality and learning to love yourself. But not too much – men hate that! From the writers of Reductress, the subversive, satirical women’s magazine read by over 2.5 million visitors a month, comes HOW TO WIN AT FEMINISM: The Definitive Guide to Having It All—And Then Some!

This ultimate guide to winning feminism—filled with four-color illustrations, bold graphics, and hilarious photos—teaches readers how to battle the patriarchy better than everybody else. From the herstory of feminism to how to apologize for having it all, readers will learn how to be a feminist at work and at home with tips that include:

  • How to Do More with 33 Cents Less
  • The 9 Circles of Hell for Women Who Don’t Help Other Women
  • Designer Handbags to Hold All Your Feminism
  • How to Get Catcalled For Your Personality

HOW TO WIN AT FEMINISM is a fresh take on women’s rights through the lens of the funniest women in comedy today. With this book as your wo-manual, you’ll shatter that glass ceiling once and for all (but you’ll still need to clean up the mess).

Since many of us have already long since broken our New Year’s Resolutions…

What better way to dust ourselves off and get right back up and try again than with Audrey Hepburn’s punny but inspiring quote!

Hepburn herself was more known for her style than her feminism. But she called the shots in the roles she chose as she rose to Movie Star status.

In ‘Wait Until Dark’ (1967), she finally got to star in a leading role that showed her going up against the patriarchy.

It’s going to be a long year, so don’t fret your winter blues. Spring is on the horizon, and ROEVEMBER IS COMING!

We will all come together like a chorus of resistance and make sure the patriarchy NEVER tries to control us again.

We can do this!

One step at a time and together we will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Women on Waves aims to prevent unsafe abortions and empower women to exercise their right to physical and mental autonomy.

They make sure that women have access to medical abortion and information through innovative strategies. But ultimately it is about giving women the tools to resist repressive cultures and laws.

The Organization was founded in 1999 by Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, who had worked as a physician on board Greenpeace’s ship, the Rainbow Warrior II.

In South America she met many women who greatly suffered physically and psychologically due to unwanted pregnancies and lack of access to safe, legal abortion.

These women and their stories were the inspiration for Women on Waves. Working in close cooperation with local organizations, Women on Waves aims to respond to an urgent medical need and draw public attention to the consequences of unwanted pregnancy and illegal abortion.

U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen fights for Nevada’s hardworking families, reproductive rights and women’s issues, and is an independent voice standing up for her state.

She’s a problem solver who knows how to bring people together to deliver smart, bipartisan solutions.

Jacky ran for office to make a difference in her community. That’s why she’s laser-focused on growing Nevada’s economy for the future — particularly when it comes to travel and tourism, clean energy jobs, and STEM education — while bringing down costs so working families are able to make ends meet.

She’s also committed to making health care more accessible and affordable and addressing Nevada’s doctor shortage, cracking down on political corruption in Washington, supporting our servicemembers and veterans, and advocating for comprehensive immigration reform that fixes our current broken system.

Pregnant and want a divorce? You’re outta luck if you’re in Missouri!

Missouri judges cannot legally finalize a divorce if a woman is pregnant. When it comes to domestic violence, there are no exceptions!

Three other states have similar laws: Texas, Arizona and Arkansas. While a couple can still file for divorce in Missouri, the court must wait until after the birth in order to finalize custody and child support.

State Representative Ashley Aune is horrified, and is trying to fix it. She introduced legislation to close the archaic loophole last month.

Also, Missouri is one of the states with fetal personhood laws like Alabama that is just as broad and vague.

For example, eight years ago, a Missouri judge ruled that Jalesia Kuenzel could not take custody of two embryos after she and her husband divorced.

A new Missouri bill would give custody of disputed embryos to the person “likeliest to create a child”.

In Vitro Fertilization is now at risk in Missouri. Or possibly worse – you could be forced to make children from frozen embryos that already exist!

Women Power Love Foundation is partnering to build a better world for all women. They focus on bringing awareness to wage disparities by race and gender, and help to perpetuate lasting social change.

Their mission is to provide women’s rights community impact resources to any and all women.

Women Power Love hopes to be the leading women’s rights nonprofit by working with high school and local communities in grassroots initiatives. They are building a vault of downloadable resources to help people build gender confidence and financial literacy while learning life skills and emotional intelligence.

Unity is Empowering – Find courage in numbers. It’s much easier to act in the company of other people who feels the way you do.

Be Courageous. Be Yourself! – Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t fall into a dangerous pattern of false self-discovery. You may wind up creating a persona instead of discovering your unique personality.

Women will always rise when we support one another. Women Power Love is a start-up nonprofit seeking donations and volunteers.

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