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Women choose bear over man. Kristi Noem unites America against dog killers. Campus protests turn violent and threaten many college graduation ceremonies. Hope Hicks takes the stand, and spills her guts. But the orange man keeps getting piddly fines for violating the gag order.

Meanwhile, Arizona repeals the 1864 ban, bringing them back to the present post Roe hellscape we are in. Like in Florida, where now abortions are banned after 6 weeks..  Now, millions of people in the Deep South have to travel across multiple state lines in order to get reproductive healthcare. This will change in Roevember if we have any say in the matter!

In Living a Feminist Life, Sara Ahmed shows how feminist theory is generated from everyday life. She highlights the ordinary experiences of being a feminist at home and at work. Building on legacy, Ahmed offers a meditation on how feminists become estranged from worlds they critique. She often names and calls attention to problems—and how feminists learn about worlds from their efforts to transform them.

Ahmed provides commentary on the figure of the feminist killjoy introduced in her earlier work. She shows how feminists create inventive solutions to survive the walls of racism and sexism.

The killjoy survival kit and killjoy manifesto supply practical tools for how to live a feminist life. The effect is to strengthen ties between the inventive creation of feminist theory and living a life that sustains it.

Sara Ahmed is a feminist writer and independent scholar. She works at the intersection of feminist, queer and race studies. Her research is concerned with how bodies and worlds take shape. Also, she studies how power is secured and challenged in everyday life worlds as well as institutional cultures.

She was previously based in Women’s Studies at Lancaster University. More recently, Ahmed was a Professor of Race and Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London.

In 2016, she resigned from her post at Goldsmiths to protest the failure to deal with sexual harassment.

Henceforth, Ahmed’s primary focus is on writing and research. Accordingly, she lives in a small village in Cambridgeshire with her partner and their beautiful dogs, Poppy and Bluebell.

As an immigrant who grew up under difficult circumstances, Senator Hirono recognizes that her path to the Senate was unlikely. At the same time, her experiences have fueled her desire to give back.

Senator Hirono’s early childhood was spent in Fukushima, Japan. When Mazie was almost eight years old, her Mom executed an escape to Hawaii in America.

Like many immigrants, their new life was not easy. Her mother worked two jobs as a single mother to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. At the University of Hawaii, Manoa she was inspired to a life in public service and advocacy. She protested the Vietnam War in a political awakening that inspired her to seek elected office.

Hirono works collaboratively with Hawaii stakeholders and her colleagues in Washington. She is a member of the Senate Armed Services and Veterans Affairs Committees . In this capacity, Hirono promotes legislation that highlights Hawaii’s critical role in our nation’s security in the Asia-Pacific region.

Thus, Hirono has proposed legislation to honor Veterans, promote clean energy use by the military, and expand opportunities for small businesses.

Hirono opposes efforts to take away health care, slash funding for public schools, and undermine the civil rights. In the Senate Judiciary Committee she has worked to fight against unqualified nominations, promote fairer treatment of immigrants and minority groups, and protect the civil rights of everyone.

Thus, Hirono never forgets where she came from or who she fights for and why.

Authoritarianism is on the rise across the world. Our democracy is in danger. ‘Protect Democracy’ is a nonpartisan, anti-authoritarianism group that works to protect it.

The 250-year American experiment in self-government is threatened by a global rise in authoritarianism. Together, we can preserve democracy for future generations.

Protect Democracy is a cross-ideological nonprofit group dedicated to defeating the authoritarian threat. They work to build more resilient democratic institutions, protect our freedom and liberal democracy. Their experts and advocates use a variety of tactics to execute their plan. They deploy litigation, legislative and communications strategies, technology, research, and analysis. Basically, they promote free and fair elections, the rule of law, fact-based debate, and a better democracy for future generations.

Their staff includes conservatives, moderates & progressives. We are policy experts, lawyers, technologists, system builders, operations experts, legislative advocates, media strategists & more.

Our democracy exists far beyond Washington, D.C. The organization works across the country to protect our democracy on federal, state, and local levels.

So, donate to enable the organization to continue it’s crucial work against the existential threat of authoritarianism here in America.

Andy Kim fights for his family, his neighbors, the community that raised him, and for families in pursuit of the American Dream.

Growing up in New Jersey, Kim’s family achieved their American dream. But now, the chaos and extremism in our politics makes him worry those same opportunities won’t be there for his kids.

Kim represents the Congressional district where he went to Kindergarten. Now he’s stepping up to represent the whole state of New Jersey as Senator.

Sen. Bob Menendez’s corruption charges have shaken the trust and left New Jerseyans more cynical than ever about government.

Thus, Representative Kim is running for U.S. Senate to restore integrity to New Jersey with the compassion and trust they deserve.

Indeed, Kim is tired of constantly watching our politics fail our nation. We are just cycling from crisis to crisis, and politicians aren’t focused on what the American people need help with.

Not surprisingly, right now, 84 percent of people in New Jersey believe NJ politicians are corrupt. Kim is working to change that perception, and restore integrity to the state.

New Jersey deserves a new generation of leadership that can bring a new voice and deep public service experience to the Senate.

Goooo Rep. Kim!

A Texas man seeks a court order so he can depose a woman he was dating who traveled to Colorado to get an abortion. This latest case may have ramifications in the ongoing legal battles over abortion rights.

In summary, Texan Collin Davis filed a legal petition stating that he retained an attorney the day after he learned the woman intended to obtain the abortion. The lawyer evidently sent the woman a threatening letter.

Basically, the letter warned that he “would pursue wrongful-death claims against anyone involved in the killing of his unborn child.”

Texas is the state that birthed the legislation that became Roe v Wade in the early 1970s.

And Texas also caused tons of problems in 2021 with the first 6-week abortion ban, SB8.

Also Zurawski and several others from Texas initiated the lawsuit with Center for Reproductive Rights.

Finally, the anti-mifepristone case targeted the conservative court in Amarillo.

All eyes on Texas in Roevember to see if they can elect politicians that care about the people instead of trying to control them.

AAPI Women Lead and #ImReady Movement aims to strengthen the progressive political and social platforms of Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the US.

Thus, they empower the leadership of API women, girls, and gender-expansive communities. Their goal is to challenge and help end the intersections of violence against and within the community. They do this work in solidarity with other communities of color.

The #ImReady Movement raises visibility around API women and their experiences with #MeToo, racial discrimination, war, immigration, and more. It also celebrates the leadership and power of AAPI women in Education, Business, Technology, and Politics. They bring together AAPI women leaders and their supporters to learn from one another, tell their stories, and to highlight their diversity.

‘AAPI Women Lead’ invites members to better understand the complex Asian and Pacific Islander diasporas, histories, and experiences.

Thus, AAPI Women Lead are bringing together brilliant people to explore what it means to be a self-identified AAPI woman in the United States.

They invite the AAPI community to share stories of collective power, healing + wellness. They will explore what it means for people to be ANHPI and what they want the world to know about them and their communities.

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