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February 13, 2023

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When I first started this blog, I had no idea that it would be like drinking from a firehose to keep up with all the anti-abortion antics that the right still had in store for us.

It’s really like drinking from a firehose at this stage with restrictive red states as well as the Republican house majority to track.

Grab the reigns and hold on tight!

Medical Abortion Under Attack!

Alert! Medical Abortions under threat meme

Alert!  A lone Trump-appointed Judge in Amarillo, TX may rule that one of the medications used for medical abortion be withdrawn from the market.

This judge, Matthew Kacsmaryk, is the anti-abortion movement’s wet dream..

A decision is expected around February 24th in a case potentially reversing the FDA’s approval of mifepristone. 

A ruling was imminent and this past Friday, a judge issued an order extending the briefing process. 

Hypocrisy Much?

The argument to pull the drug is that is has medical risks, but the FDA has already approved the drug, and it has been safely on the market for over 2 decades. 

Plus the group starting all this ruckus is not-surprisingly suspect.. 

The conservative group Alliance Defending Freedom is suing the FDA in attempt to reverse the agency’s approval of the abortion drug mifepristone.

The so-called ‘Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine’ v US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the lawsuit that is happening in Amarillo, TX.

Hippocrates quote:  First Do No Harm;  Shutterstock image.

As we discussed previously in RePro Roe-D-O 8Jan2023, medical abortion accounts for a majority of abortions in the United States.

Hope & Help?

The Women’s March has been organizing demonstrations outside of the county courthouse in Amarillo, Texas, where the decision is expected in a few weeks.

Here is an article about the protests just this past Saturday.


If mifepristone is pulled off the market in the US, you can have a medical abortion with only misoprostol.

AidAccessUSA: is a website where you can order mifepristone to be shipped to your home from India.

This is a safe and effective alternative, which we discussed in WE’RE NOT GOING BACK!, but you have to have enough lead time for the medication to get to you in time.

Even if this Judge doesn’t act to ban mifepristone, there is a similar effort in Idaho by Raul Labrador to do the same thing. 

Stay Alert Warriors!

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Tennessee Targets Rape Victims

Republican lawmakers in Tennessee care more about punishing rape victims than their rapists. 

Tennesee Republicans introduced a bill that would add a rape exception to the state’s near total abortion ban. So far so good, but this bill includes a caveat for those who “lie” about being raped to serve up to 3 years in prison! 

Jessica Valenti again surfaced this before any mainstream media outlets. 

The bills (SB857 in state Senate and HB1440 in the State House) were introduced by Republicans State Sen. Ferrell Haile and state Rep. Iris Rudder.

The bill text refers to 13 year old girls as “women” in order to distinguish them from younger victims who would have a few weeks longer to qualify for an abortion (10 instead of 8 weeks).

Pure insanity!

How on earth are they planning to enforce this horrible law if it were to pass? 

Well, victims will have to have an invasive forensic exam to preserve and submit “a sample of the embryonic or fetal tissue extracted during the abortion” to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. 

Impact meme pointing out that anti-abortionists only support the woman after someone has violated them with their rape exception laws.
Impact by @RavenBelleFleur and @codyktu

Sheesh!  Surely Tennessee can use their tax revenue better than this?  What about the rapists? Can we try to stop them from doing their thing please???

Help & Hope?

ARC Southeast is an abortion fund that supports southerners in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee. 

They can help in this instance. 

Minnesota Democrats for the Win!

Democratic Governor Tim Walz signed a bill into law Tuesday that enshrines the “fundamental right” to access abortion in the state. 

The Protect Reproductive Options (PRO) Act is a sweeping bill to protect abortion rights. 

The new law codifies abortion access in the state constitution.

It states that every person has the fundamental right to make “autonomous decisions” about their own reproductive health.   

Minnesota Protect Reproductive Options (PRO) Act, codifying the right to abortion in state law;  Creator Hayley Broich
Creator: Hayley Broich

Republicans had been blocking abortion protections for years, but once Democrats flipped the state houses in November 2022, they prioritized this topic. 

Your Voice Matters colorful cartoon writing; from Shutterstock

This was only possible in Minnesota after voters flipped both state Houses in November 2022. 

This makes Minnesota the first state to codify abortion via legislative action since the SCOTUS Dobbs’ decision last June overturned Roe v. Wade.

Elections Matter!

Jessica Valenti Highlights Red State Horrors

We’re now really seeing the fallout of the overturning of Roe v Wade in Red states where restrictive trigger laws have gone into effect. 

The Lexington Herald Leader reported about 2 women in Kentucky with wanted pregnancies had medical complications but were denied abortions despite state laws.   

The 1st fetus developed without head and skull, (acrania) but didn’t qualify for abortion because of a subjectivity clause.

This clause guides physicians to use “reasonable medical judgement” when deciding whether pregnancy terminations are medically necessary.    

Protesters encouraging voters to vote no on Amendment 2 in Frankfort, Ky., Oct. 1, 2022. Photo: Stefani Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images
Stefani Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

At 12 weeks, the 2nd woman found that her fetus carried a painful fatal abnormality (triploidy) and partial molar pregnancy.

If left growing abnormally in her uterus, the fetal defect threatened to give her cancer.    

Hospital counsel refused to allow care to be provided while the issue was litigated..

Dept. of Fetal Medicine/Univ. College Hospital, London UK
Dept. of Fetal Medicine/Univ. College Hospital, London UK

A pregnant woman in Ohio found out at 4 months that her fetus was growing organs on the outside of its body.

This fatal complication would require a hysterectomy, but she worked for the State of Ohio.

The State’s insurance would not cover the procedure since her life was not in imminent danger!

This would have set the couple back $20-30k!

Eventually she found help in another state with her abortion, but the whole ordeal was enough to convince her to flip to a Democrat on this issue alone.  Welcome to the Good Side!

RNC goes on offense as part of their plan

The Washington Post reports that the RNC have learned nothing from the Midterm “lack of red wave” election results. 

At the RNC winter meeting, they discussed going “on offense” on abortion in 2024. 

Soooooo, stripping the Federal protections by overturning Roe v Wade last June was NOT ENOUGH? 

They want to continue to chip away at the states where there are abortion access protections in place. 

They won’t stop until they control all the uteruses in the land! 

Ronna McDaniel RNC Chairman picture
Ronna McDaniel RNC Chairman

What is up this bitch’s twat that she is buying into this craziness? 

Oh, yeah..  that’s right..  She’s a Romney & a Mormon!!  Oye Vey!

A Near Miss in Florida

An uprising on Social Media was successful in pressuring the Florida High School Athletic Association to backtrack on their plan to require student athlete disclose menstruation cycles. 

Florida high school athletic questionnaire asking about menstruation; Getty Images
Getty Images; Florida High School Athletic Questionnaire

They held an emergency meeting on Thursday, February 9th, 2023, and voted 14 to 2 to remove the menstruation questions from the medical history questionnaire. 

Citing ‘Privacy concerns’, they are now recommending that students only turn in a signed form from their health care professionals stating they are fit to play their sports. 

The student’s physician would keep the rest of the form, including menstrual history information.

Aktivate is a relatively new company that provides software that “manages” student athletic data.

Palm Beach County’s School District has implemented the software, raising privacy concerns.

They could avoid embarrassment if they just minded their own uterus!

Pensacola News Journal; Andy Marlette cartoon; Florida culture wars
Pensacola News Journal; Andy Marlette

There you have it.. so much for “small government”? 

Brain-dead Surrogate Women?

No, this is not the premise for a new dystopian sci-fi thriller, although maybe it should be.. 

A Norwegian woman suggested that we could use brain-dead women as surrogates!

Clearly people still see women’s bodies as vessels, rather than their own!

University of Oslo Professor Anna Smajdor calls her idea “whole body gestational donation” or WBGD

She says “there is no obvious medical reason why initiating such pregnancies would not be possible”. 

Here is this crazy bitch’s article:

How about ETHICS and MORALS?

Stay diligent out there, Warriors! 

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