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May 14, 2023

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Murdered abortion seekers; Homicide charges for Abortion seekers; Healthcare providers trusting religion over science. But the resistance pushes back! Grab onto the reigns for another roundup of Reproductive Rights in our post-Roe ‘Merica..

Texas Woman Murdered by Ex For Abortion

A Texas man killed his ex-girlfriend after she traveled to a pro-choice state for an abortion, according to police.

Harold Thompson choked and shot Gabriella Gonzalez in a parking lot in Dallas.

The murder happened the day after she returned from having an abortion in Colorado. 

Abortions are illegal in Texas after roughly six weeks except in cases of medical emergency.

Surveillance video from the parking lot shows Gonzalez “shrugs him off,” police said, and the two continue walking.

Then Thompson pulls out a gun and shoots Gonzalez in the head. She falls to the ground and Thompson shoots her multiple times before he runs away.

It was only a matter of time.. We warned women would die when Roe fell!

My Uterus is more regulated than Guns protest sign.

Now we have the first official example (that we know of). 

If she didn’t have to travel to another state to get an abortion, maybe he wouldn’t have realized she left town and she would still be alive today. Texas – blood is on your hands!

Battle in North Carolina for Abortion Rights

Abortion rights literally hang in the balance in gerrymandered-to-the-max North Carolina. The state legislature passed SB20, a 12-week abortion ban.

Thankfully, Democratic Governor Cooper vetoed the bill at a rally in downtown Raleigh.

He said it was a “complicated and confusing monster bill” that makes patients “navigate a wicked obstacle course just to get care.”

But the makeup of the NC legislature may allow them to override Gov. Cooper’s veto. 

Rep. Tricia Cotham used to be a democrat, but recently switched parties. She also flipped her pro-choice stance and was the deciding vote to make the veto-proof majority! 

Just one republican in either house or senate is needed to flip in order to block the override of Gov. Cooper’s Veto. 

We’re looking at you, Tricia!!

A Majority of voters in North Carolina (57%) support either keeping the states’ 20-week limit or expanding access beyond that.

Only about 35% favor new restrictions, according to a Meredith College poll from February

Watch this space.. 

Illinois Comes for CPCs

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) could face legal action under a new bill in Illinois. 

anti-abortion centers mislead the public and are a threat to public health.

Illinois House of Representatives passed SB-1909.

The bill would create the Deceptive Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers Act.

This will make Illinois one of the first states to hold “so-called” crisis pregnancy centers accountable for misleading the public.

Under the law, CPCs would be subject to the same consumer fraud standards as car dealerships, retailers and service-based businesses.

Anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers don’t care about the truth. Illinois Rep. Terra Costa Howard pointed out the obvious.

She quipped “If you’re not lying, then what do you have to worry about?”

Deception is the point – to gaslight vulnerable and scared abortion seekers into changing their mind about terminating their pregnancy.

Under the new law, if they engage in “deceptive acts or practices”, “Fake clinics”, aka CPCs could be sued under the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act.

Thank You Illinois!

EMTALA Backstops Red-State Hospitals from Refusing Care

The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) was enacted in 1986 by Congress to ensure that everyone had access to emergency services regardless of their ability to pay. 

The law applies to hospitals that receive either Medicare or Medicaid funding. 

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra; Alex Wong/Getty Images

If a provider determines that a patient needs emergency services, including life-saving abortion services, the respective hospital must provide those services. 

Recently, two hospitals, one in Missouri and the other in Kansas are under investigation for violating EMTALA. 

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are investigating these hospitals for refusing necessary abortion services to a patient with life-threatening conditions. 

The National Women’s Law Center filed the initial complaint for both cases on behalf of Mylissa Farmer.

Mylissa reported the hospitals after being turned away in both Missouri and Kansas in her time of need. 

She finally found care in Illinois after her water broke at 17 weeks and 5 days and put her life in danger.

Idaho’s abortion ban stays blocked based on conflict with EMTALA

EMTALA is also helping block abortion bans in other states, like Idaho.

Federal Judge B. Lynn Winmill denied the state’s request to reconsider an earlier decision that partially blocked the ban. His rationale was that it conflicts with the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act.

Under EMTALA, hospitals that participate in Medicare are required to provide emergency screenings and stabilizing treatment, regardless of a patient’s ability to pay.

Florida moves to deny healthcare based on religious beliefs

Florida Gov. DeSantis signed SB 1580/HB 1403. The “Protections of Medical Conscience” bill allows denial of healthcare based on moral, ethical, or religious beliefs.

The law effectively creates a state-sanctioned license to discriminate in the provision of any healthcare service. 

This bill is mainly designed to deny healthcare to transgender people and restricts access to transition-related medical care. 

However, it will likely muddy the waters for access to reproductive health care as well. 

It allows health care providers and payors to deny services based on their moral, ethical and religious convictions! 

It blocks healthcare providers and payors from liability for providing ‘conscience-based’ health care.  And it prohibits medical boards, Department of Health from taking disciplinary action or denying licenses to such health care providers. 

The Law will go into effect on July 1. 

Alabama & Missouri Want to Charge Abortion Seekers with Homicide

Two more states are moving quickly to pass bills that will allow homicide level charges for people who get abortions.

HB-454 was introduced in Alabama on May 9th by Republican State Representatives.

The bill seeks to level homicide charges for abortions. 

It would repeal existing state law provisions that prohibit the prosecution of homicide or assault following an abortion or with respect to their “unborn child”.

Thus, people could be charged with murder for getting an abortion.

There’s no such thing as an “unborn child”, but that’s besides the point, I guess..

Missouri’s version, SB-356, introduced on May 3rd, would allow murder charges for abortion seekers. 

Introduced by State Senator Mike Moon, the bill would award fetuses the same criminal and civil protections of all citizens in the state!

Abortion seekers could receive Class A felony charges, punishable by up to life in prison. 

Moon introduced a similar bill back in Feb. 2020. 

Alabama and Missouri now join Texas, Kentucky, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Arkansas in treating abortion as murder.

All of these states have had bills aiming to allow murder charges against those who have had an abortion. 

Legal abortion seekers will be prosecuted for murder if these bills become law. Not exempt are those people self-managing their miscarriages and stillbirths!

Folks, it’s 2023 in the United States of America! How did we get here?

Stay vigilant out there!

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