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June 17, 2023

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Good news from Iowa and Oklahoma’s Supreme Courts.. Minnesota shows us what a BLUE state can do; and a glimmer of hope from a Mississippi poll. Also, stories to watch from Colorado and Kansas.. Heartbreaking stuff from Indiana, Nebraska.. Grab the reigns for another roundup of reproductive rights news in post-Roe ‘Merica..

Iowa Supreme Court declines to reinstate abortion limits

Thanks to the Iowa Supreme Court ruling, abortions remain legal in Iowa up to 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The Iowa high court declined to reinstate a six-week abortion ban, rebuffing Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds.

In a rare 3-3 decision, the Iowa Supreme Court upheld a 2019 district court ruling that blocked the law.

One of seven justices recused, since her former law firm had represented an abortion provider.

The blocked law was a typical “heartbeat” law, and would have banned abortions before many even know they are pregnant.

Markedly, Republican governors appointed all seven justices; Reynolds herself appointed five of seven.

Phew, Iowans!! Well, don’t hold your breath..

Mississippi’s GOP voters split on repealing abortion ban

Accordingly, it was a Mississippi case that led to the overturning of Roe almost one year ago.

Afterwards, the GOP proclaimed Mississippi the nation’s “safest state for the unborn.” But are the voters in line with this thinking?

A new Mississippi Today/Siena College poll suggests the GOP may have gone too far even for their own party.

A poll of likely voters in the Aug. 8 Republican primary found that 45% support repealing the state’s “trigger law” that bans most abortions in the state.

Another 44% of likely Republican voters oppose repealing the ban, and 11% said they were not sure.

So much for the anti-abortion sentiment on the right in one of the most conservative states in the South!

Sadly, the poll suggests a shift to attacking trans people as the more pressing issue for state Republicans.

Mississippians can’t even put abortion on the ballot, since the process of petitioning for ballot initiatives needs an overhaul.

We’re pulling for you, Mississippi!

Colorado Anti- sues to end safe zone around abortion clinics

Colorado resident Wendy Faustin says state’s 1993 “bubble law” violates her constitutional rights to harrass women.

Wendy Faustin filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Colorado against state and local officials.

She alleges laws prohibiting counseling women within 100 feet of an abortion clinic violates the First and 14th Amendments.

Aww, poor Faustin has protested outside abortion clinics for decades.

Now she has to scream at women entering abortion clinics instead of a conversation.

I’ve got an idea.. stay home, BIATCH!

Kansas Fights Against Junk Science ‘Abortion Reversal’ Law

Kansas abortion providers sue the state’s “abortion reversal” law, claiming “inaccurate” tightened abortion regulations are a violation of bodily integrity.  

Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers brought the lawsuit.

The law passed in late April, following an override of Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto.

The plaintiffs asked the court to block the abortion reversal law before it takes effect July 1. 

The law requires abortion providers to tell patients the effects of mifepristone is reversible. Ummm.. Science has debunked this idea..

Read a comprehensive scientific review on the issue here:

Physicians who refuse to talk to patients about “abortion reversal”, could face up to a year of jail time.

Administration of mifepristone without posting a notice about the process could result in a $10k fine.

Oklahoma Supreme Court Relaxes Abortion Restrictions

The Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down two ‘vigilante’ abortion laws.

The laws had allowed citizens to sue someone who performed or helped someone perform an abortion.

The court said the language of the bans conflicts with a ruling from just a few months ago:

The state constitution provides an “inherent right of a pregnant woman to terminate a pregnancy when necessary to preserve her life.”

Whereas, the two vigilante laws stipulate a requirement for a “medical emergency” before healthcare provision.

Okay, so this is good news, but not THAT good..

Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond made the point that Oklahoma’s 1910 law prohibiting abortion remains in place,”.

Okay then, O.K… I guess you want to stay over 100 years in the past.. sheesh!

Indiana Abortion Ban Challenged

A Marion County Superior Court judge grants class action certification for new lawsuit against the state’s abortion ban.

Abortion Law book on copy of Preamble. Gavel and stethoscope.

The lawsuit argues that the new abortion law violates Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed the lawsuit on behalf of Hoosier Jews for Choice.

In addition, four other anonymous women representing diverse faiths cosigned the lawsuit.

It would be so great if a “religious freedom” act will help protect abortion access in the state!

Indiana Doctor Fined for Abortion on 10 y.o. rape victim

Here’s a tip: Don’t speak up in Indiana!

The state’s medical board fined a doctor who provided an abortion to a 10-year-old rape victim from Ohio.

Basically, she had spoken publicly about the abortion just a week after the fall of Roe, to highlight the example.

Ohio’s restrictive abortion law effectively forced the girl to cross state lines for care.

The Board stipulated that Dr. Caitlin Bernard violated patient privacy laws, and fined her $3K. 

Sigh. I guess the good news is that they didn’t haul her off to jail, like they would have in some other states.

Nebraska teen pleads guilty to self-managed abortion

Celeste Burgess, 18, faces up to 2 years in prison for taking abortion pills in 2022. 

The Nebraska teen recently took a plea deal in her self-managed abortion case. She pleaded guilty to a felony charge of concealing or abandoning a dead body.

Thus, in exchange for the guilty plea, prosecutors will drop two misdemeanor charges.

Burgess was charged as an adult despite being only 17 at the time.

Thus, she faces up to two years in prison, and her sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 20th.

Although prosecutors agreed not to make a sentencing recommendation as part of the plea.

However, her mother pleaded not guilty for allegedly providing Celeste with abortion pills. Thus, the elder Burgess is due back in court on July 7, and faces up to eight years in prison.

How did they get caught?

Well, Social Media is to blame.. Facebook provided chats between the pair to Nebraska police in response to a warrant.

There aren’t very many known examples of Facebook turning over info to authorities, but we know it happens.

This is a scary example of what may come as we march toward a Gilead state in ‘Merica.

Minnesota Repeals Abortion Restrictions

It’s great to be a BLUE state! Accordingly, the Democratic-led legislature in Minnesota passed a bill that repeals many abortion restrictions in the state. 

The Health and Human Services Finance Bill is a broad healthcare bill that will protect access to healthcare for patients.

For instance, the 24 hour waiting period, the ban on qualified non-physician providers performing abortions will go away, among others.

The new law will also repeal anti-choice programs like “Positive Abortion Alternatives” and the “Born-alive infant” stipulation.

In addition, mandates for sharing anti-abortion propaganda are gone.

Also, MinnesotaCare reproductive healthcare coverage will be expanded.

In addition, funding increases by 20% for family planning and abortion services, effective on or after Jan. 1, 2024.

Rep. Tina Liebling sponsored the bill, and was thrilled that it sailed through the Democratic legislature.

In conclusion, see what great things can come if you vote Democrats into office?

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