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February 22, 2023

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Red states are still at it, submitting bills that aim to further restrict abortion access, punish patients, and generally make life miserable for anyone who has an unwanted pregnancy.  

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But we are fighting back, and won’t let this stand! 

There’s a bit of good news this roundup with Ohio putting abortion on the ballot, and a new take on religious freedom for abortion access in New Mexico. 

Read on to see what’s happening in our latest RePro Roe-D-O.. 

Ohio Puts Abortion on the Ballot

Look for a renewed fight for abortion rights in Ohio as two groups submitted fall ballot language for a constitutional amendment codifying abortion rights in the Ohio state constitution. 

The reproductive rights, health, and justice organizations have been working in partnership for decades to protect and expand abortion access and have formed an official partnership to get a measure on the ballot that would amend the Ohio Constitution to explicitly protect reproductive freedom for all.

The voters will weigh in this November, 2023. 

This represents the first state that will have abortion rights on the ballot this November. 

But they are sure to be followed by other oppressive states that are trying to ban or already have banned abortion since Dobbs’ overturned Roe v Wade last June. 

Ohio map with coat hanger, blood and "abortion" text from shutterstock.

The two groups leading the charge are Protect Choice Ohio advocacy group (PAC), which includes the Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights, and Ohioans for Reproductive Freedom (PAC).

Advancing the measure could cost up to $36M for the full election campaign by November. 

If you are in Ohio and/or support this initiative, please help if you can…

Congratulations Ohio, and we hope other red states will follow suit and take note of the will of the people..

Satanic Temple Creates “Sam Alito’ Abortion Facility

We had to chuckle a bit when we saw the news of a new abortion clinic in New Mexico that was established in honor of Justice Sam Alito.

Of course the “honorable” Alito infamously penned the scathing Dobbs’ decision that overturned Roe v Wade last June.

The Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic is an online clinic that provides religious medication abortion care. 

The clinic provides abortion medication via mail to those in New Mexico who wish to perform The Satanic Temple’s Religious Abortion Ritual.

Calling it the “worlds first religious abortion clinic”, The Satanic Temple will likely seek religious exemptions so it can dispense abortifacients through the mail.

Sam Alito's Mom abortion clinic cartoon
Cartoon from The Satanic Temple’s website

The Satanic Temple have argued in lawsuits in Texas that abortion through their organization is exempt legally because the procedure is an “essential part of a religious practice.”

Fox News Triggered Much meme with AOC

Meanwhile in the land of not shocking at all..

Fox News was not a fan and wrote a scathing opinion piece all about it..

South Carolina’s Prenatal “Personhood” Bill

In our very first RePro Roe-D-O, we had good news as South Carolina’s Supreme Court struck down the state’s 6-week ban. 

Well, just 6 weeks later, now Jessica Valenti is warning us about SC House Bill 3549. 

Republicans have submitted a bill to amend the South Carolina code of laws by enacting the “South Carolina Prenatal Equal Protection Act of 2023”.

This legislation would define a “person” to include an unborn child at any stage of development.

Columbia, South Carolina - USA - June 4, 2022: Planned Parenthood South Atlantic holds a rally at the SC State House in response to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.
South Carolina Abortion Protest Shutterstock

It goes on to ensure that an unborn child that is the victim of ‘homicide’ is afforded equal protections under the homicide laws of the state.

And as if that isn’t enough oppression..

Republican Rep. Josiah Magnuson speaks in favor of an attempt to remove exceptions from a proposed abortion ban on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023, in Columbia, S.C. The South Carolina House debated a full abortion ban from conception. (AP Photo/James Pollard) JAMES POLLARD AP
Rep. Josiah Magnuson speaks to remove exceptions from proposed abortion ban on Feb. 15, 2023 in Columbia, S. C.
AP Photo/James Pollard

South Carolina House bill 3549 will give fertilized eggs “equal protection under the law” specifying that abortion can’t be legally distinct from homicide. 

So, if this stands, South Carolinians could be arrested for “homicide” if they seek reproductive healthcare.

And as Jessica points out, they were actually debating whether or not the death penalty should apply in these cases!

Act Now with RESOLVE 

Resolve is a National Infertility Association and they support abortion rights and are actively opposing this bill in South Carolina, especially as it would threaten IVF and other reproductive healthcare solutions 

Click here to send a letter to your S. C. representative!

Resolve makes it easy for South Carolinians to speak out!

They object to the definition of “personhood” and see it as a threat to in vitro fertilization. 

The only allowance for women is that they could argue self-defense if they were “compelled [to have an abortion] by the threat of imminent death or great bodily injury”. 

Do any of these men even know any women? They obviously don’t view us as humans..

Florida Couple’s Baby Will Die After Delivery

Of course this is happening in Florida..   In the last RePro Roe-D-O, we gave a high five to Florida for reversing their position on tracking menstruation records of female athletes in schools. 

Well, welcome back to the shit list, Florida! 

Because of a new Florida law that bans abortion after 15 weeks except under certain circumstances, Deborah Dorbert has become one of many women having difficulty accessing necessary abortion procedures in this Post-Roe hellscape.

When a routine ultrasound revealed devastating fetal abnormalities, doctors told the Dorberts their baby will only survive up to a few hours after birth.

Abortion protest sign "Make Florida California" from Shutterstock

They then made the difficult decision to seek abortion, but their Doctor’s interpretation of state law “prevented the procedure”, despite baby’s fatal illness the family told the Washington Post

Ron DeSantis signs Florida's 15-week abortion ban into law last year. Photograph: Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/REX/Shutterstock
Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/REX/Shutterstock

Florida’s H.B. 5 — Reducing Fetal and Infant Mortality — went into effect last July, soon after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a half-century constitutional right to abortion.

Florida physicians who violate the new law face penalties including the possibility of losing their licenses, steep fines and up to five years in prison!

No wonder Florida docs are afraid to tempt fate.

So.. don’t get pregnant in Florida..

Or if you do and you need help, reach out to the Florida Access Network, who can help you find and fund access to healthcare.

Kentucky Still Bans Abortion Despite Voter’s Will

As we saw in the last RePro Roe-D-O, Kentucky still has abortion bans that have been impacting women with medical complications who were denied reproductive care. 

This is AFTER Kentuckians clearly voted down the bans in the midterm elections a few months ago!

Kentucky Capitol Building shutterstock
Kentucky Capitol includes the state Supreme Court

Well, of course the patriarchy is challenging the will of the voters, and now the latest news is that the state Supreme Court upheld the bans while the court case continues! 

The two state laws in question, a ban on nearly all abortions in Kentucky and a ban on most abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy – were allowed to take effect last year following the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision.

“This unconscionable decision is a slap in the face to Kentucky voters, who only three months ago rejected a constitutional amendment that would have allowed a permanent ban on abortion in their state,” said NARAL Pro-Choice America President Mini Timmaraju.

So, even if the voters say it should be so, the patriarchy can still try to block the will of the people..


NARAL Pro-Choice America President Mini Timmaraju
Mini Timmaraju, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America

Wisconsin Supreme Court Race Could Impact Abortion

Speaking of State Supreme Courts, for better or for worse, Wisconsin has an election coming up that could hold high stakes for the state’s abortion laws. 

Abortion rights supporters are seen in the Wisconsin Capitol Rotunda in Madison on January 22, 2023.  Morry Gash/AP
Morry Gash/AP

A retiring conservative justice will be replaced by an election, potentially shifting the balance on Wisconsin’s 7-judge court.

Democrats currently control the governor’s office and Republicans hold sway in the legislature.

Thus, the Supreme Court of the state literally hangs in the balance. 

The state currently has an abortion trigger law in place dating back to 1849 that went into effect after the Dobbs’ decision overturned Roe v Wade last June. 

This could be overturned if the Supreme Court trends more liberal after this election. 

The primary was Tuesday, and the top two candidates will advance to the general election on April 4th

The more left-leaning candidate Protasiewicz, who got the most votes, is the one to hope wins in April.

However, Jennifer Dorow, who came in 3rd likely will endorse Daniel Kelly, so it is likely to be a nail biter.

The Wisconsin State Supreme Court could also play a crucial role in the 2024 election, especially if there is a dispute in the swing state like there was in 2020. 

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