RePro Roe-D-O 2Feb2023

February 1, 2023

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To EACH Her Own Uterus..

Finally some good news! 

Democratic legislators in the US House re-introduced the EACH Act. 

The bill is called the Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance Act. 

It is the first Federal Legislation that would ensure we all could access abortion healthcare, no matter how much money we make. 

Originally introduced in March, 2021, the EACH Act represents some hope for those who now live in dystopian red states.

If passed, the EACH Act would end the decades-old Hyde amendment (1976), which is a provision that restricts federal Medicare & Medicaid funds for abortion care. 

Sounds like a pipe dream to take down the Hyde amendment? 

Well, after the Dobbs’ decision last summer, we are at war, and anything is fair game to take back our rights. 

Especially since..

Passing Dobbs wasn’t good enough for the GOP House, who have already passed the so-called “Born Alive” bill as we summarized in our Jan. 15th post.

Two Organizations supporting the EACH Act

Forward Together unites communities to win rights, recognition and resources for all families.

All Above All has a 4-part BOLD Action Plan to fight for abortion justice





Of course, it’s unlikely to pass the House unless we can get rid of the GOP’s narrow margin. Booooooo!

Is Your Privacy Safe?

Are buying abortion pills through the mail safe?  Check your privacy settings and know your websites!  

Propublica reports that technology used by some of the abortion pill sites use can share your personal data with third parties like Google! 

In theory, this could allow law enforcement to go on the hunt for patients who solicit the pills online.

For example, Arkansas has strict laws for enforcement of illegal abortion we talked about in our last Roe-D-O.

This dystopian future may have finally arrived in Red states with the dangerous combination of restrictive laws and ambitious law enforcement.

Stay vigilant out there!

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Wyoming Advances Chemical Abortion Ban

The Wyoming Senate clears the chemical abortion ban bill we referenced in the last RePro Roe-D-O

The bill (SF 0109) would straight up make obtaining abortion pills illegal in the state.  Next up, the House weighs in. 

Need help? 

Wellspring Health Access in Casper, WY is a clinic still offering whatever services they can under the current laws.

They are also mailing Plan B nationwide at no cost to anyone who needs it!

Can you help? 

If you are in Wyoming, check out Pro-Choice Wyoming, a grassroots advocacy organization to see how you might be able to help with the fight in your state. 

They focus their efforts in Education, Civic Engagement and Legislative Action.

Illinois – Peoria Arsonist is a Douche

We included the arson crime in our RPR from Jan. 15th, but the suspect was still at large at the time. 

The update is that a suspect is in custody who said that he targeted the abortion clinic because his girlfriend got an abortion there a few years before. 

The 32 year old Tyler Massengill – yes this guy is a douche..

Massengill douche packaging.

If convicted of the offense, Massengill faces a sentence of 5-40 years in prison and could be fined up to $250k. 

He said that he hoped to shut down the clinic and delay others in having an abortion. 

The Anti-abortionists committing violent acts against abortion clinics isn’t about babies. 

It’s about controlling access to healthcare for other people…

It’s about making choices for others, and we will not let it stand. 

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We’ve Been Lied To..

Yeah, I know, big shock, right?  Well, maybe you have seen those disturbing images from Anti-abortion activists which depict supposed aborted fetuses? 

These scare tactics are common and have increased in frequency since the Dobbs’ decision overturned Roe v Wade. 

Just driving on country roads you can’t help but come across a disturbing image on a billboard with a sign saying ‘abortion is murder’ or something similar. 

Anti-abortion ad showing graphic images.
Pregnancy tissue after an abortion at seven weeks. Credit.. My Abortion Network
Pregnancy tissue after 7 weeks. My Abortion Network

On January 22nd, The New York Times published photos of early embryo which look nothing like the pictures commonly used in anti-abortion propaganda. 

This completely obliterates the myth that abortions are “murder”. 

The NYT Op-Ed was written by co-founders of My Abortion Network Drs. Bliss, Fleischman and Gomez, who are primary care physicians. 

My Abortion Network is a network of clinicians, activists and patients who want to normalize abortion care, medically and culturally.

The New York Times published this expose on January 23rd, but Jessica Valenti has been all over this situation since December 2nd in her Abortion, Every Day. 

Check it out!


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