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May 2, 2023

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Abortion pills stay on the market for now..  Some republican lawmakers choose to protect choice in their state.  Meanwhile women either suffer or cross state lines to find healthcare in our post-Roe ‘Merica.  Grab the reigns for another RePro Roe-D-O roundup.. 

SCOTUS keeps mifepristone on the market for now

We all were able to relax our kegel’s when the Supreme Court did the right thing and blocked the lower court’s ruling on mifepristone’s FDA approval.   

However, this only temporarily keeps the abortion pill on the market. 

The case was kicked back down to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which will hear arguments on May 17th

Stock up on mifepristone while you still can.. 

All signs point to this case going back to the Supreme Court before the dust settles. 

At least there is hope that they did the right thing this time..  But don’t hold your breath. 

This is the same court who’s Dobbs’ decision leaked exactly one year ago today.

Dissenting on this case were Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. 

Obviously they were mad that they couldn’t continue the patriarchy’s control of women’s uteruses. 

North Dakota governor signs 6 week abortion ban

Meanwhile, North Dakota has entered the realm of Gilead by signing into law SB2150. 

Only exceptions for “proven” rape and incest or the “serious health risk” to the mother are allowed.

Republican state senator Janne Myrdal spoke in support of the bill on the rape exception specifically:

“We certainly want to encourage any child, any woman, that experiences any of this, to immediately go to medical care and get these things taken care of before there’s fertilization.” 

“Get these things taken care of”!??! The ignorance of these lawmakers is astonishing.  And this chick’s a woman!  She should really know better.. 

In Nebraska they say the quiet part out loud

While supporting their state’s draconian abortion ban bill, NE State Senator Steve Erdman pitched the ‘great replacement theory’. 

Erdman argued that abortion was the main cause for slow population growth in the state. 

He also lamented that the growth they have seen was by non-white people. 

“Our state population has not grown except by those foreigners who have moved here or refugees who have been placed here..  because we’ve killed 200,000 people”, Erdman said.

Wow, just WOW!!!

Fortunately the effort to advance the bill fell one vote short of breaking a filibuster in the Nebraska legislature. 

This failure was the second in as many years, and leaves the state with their 20-week abortion ban intact. 

When they learned of the vote failure, cheers erupted in the capitol rotunda. 

Nebraskans can relax for now as this bill likely won’t be reintroduced until next year. 

South Carolina splits GOP on topic of Abortion

We first brought this up in February as a hypothetical potential that Republicans were discussing the death penalty for people who get abortions in the state.

Well, that appears to be exactly what they want to do!  21 state senators were in favor of the death penalty for women who get an abortion in the state! 

Well, fast forward a few weeks, and the few sane women left in the Republican party blocked the proposed ban. 

Republican Sen. Sandy Senn spoke out against the near-total abortion ban. 

The Senate rejected the bill the next day. 

This was the third time a near-total abortion ban has failed in state since the fall of Roe v Wade last summer. 

Republican Sen. Penry Gustafson joined her republican colleague in speaking out against the bill. 

So, for now, abortion remains legal in the state through 22 weeks. 

A safe-haven in a hell-scape of the Southern US. 

Oklahoman forced to leave state for treatment

Jaci Statton had a partial molar pregnancy that would never become a baby. 

This “fetus” was actually cancerous and would eventually kill her if she didn’t get the medical care she needed. 

She presented with heavy bleeding, a risk of infection, and a life-threatening condition called preeclampsia that can lead to organ failure.

But because the new abortion laws in Oklahoma are so confusing, doctors didn’t know what to do with her.

They told her to sit in the parking lot until she became sicker and then they could help her!

Being a sane person, Jaci went across the border to Kansas to get medical care.  

Iowa AG halts state coverage for rape victims

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird (R) has paused the practice of paying for emergency contraception, and in rare cases, abortions, for victims of sexual assault. 

Federal regulations require Iowa to cover expenses for sexual assault victims who seek medical help.  Under the previous AG, Democrat Tom Miller, Iowa’s victim compensation fund also paid for mifepristone as well as other treatments to prevent pregnancy. 

But now, the new AG is saying they will halt payments while she “evaluates whether this is an appropriate use of public funds”.

Bird’s Press Secretary Alyssa Brouillet clarified:  “Until that review is complete, payment of these pending claims will be delayed”. 

Of course, there is no timeline for completion of this exercise. 

Thus, Iowan rape victims are left in the lurch with no funds to help them with their tragic situation. 

Thanks, Bird lady, for not taking care of Iowans..

Colorado Fights Abortion Reversal.. Sort Of.. 

In a quadruple negative move, a judge declined to block Colorado from banning abortion reversal medication.

Is your head spinning?  Well, rest assured this is good news. 

This move essentially allows Colorado to continue with their ban on the shady, non-medical practice of “abortion reversal”. 

Basically, there is a catholic hospital group that is pushing the dangerous practice of taking a hormone drug to “reverse” the effects of mifepristone. 

According to this “non-medical” theory, taking a high dose of the hormone progesterone can
reverse” the effects of the first pill in the 2-pill medical abortion regimen. 

Although the law makes it illegal to prescribe progesterone to “reverse” abortion, the state has said it won’t enforce the law until state regulators conduct a rule-making process on the treatments.  

Expected to take several months, the clinic practicing “abortion reversal” can continue prescribing progesterone until further notice.   

So, there you have it.. keep stocking up on mifepristone while you can.

Please support abortion funds if you are able.

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